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Asleep At the Wheel?

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Twenty years ago, in 1998, the (US) National Center on Sleep Disorders Research and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) co-produced a report based on the results of a literature review and the opinions of the Expert Panel on Driver Fatigue and Sleepiness on the key issues around the thousands of motor vehicle crashes per year in which drowsy driving was a factor.  More specifically, NHTSA discuss

Falling Short of Perfection

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Relatively soon after Henry Ford began building automobiles ‘for the great multitude’ (the Model T went on sale in October 1908 for $950), the courts ruled automobile manufacturers were liable to persons injured by their defective automobiles.  These would be persons with whom the manufacturer did not have a direct contractual relationship but to whom they owed a duty of care even though the automobile was not

Serious Risks to Cyclists

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On Saturday February 10, 2018 thousands of cyclists including many Canadians who winter in California’s Coachella Valley participated in the 20th annual Tour de Palm Springs, a charity bike ride that over the years has raised millions for many local non-profit organizations.

Reducing the Truth About Reducing Emissions

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Netflix’s recently released series, Dirty Money is being hailed as a portrait of remorseless capitalism, of companies so greedy that they engaged in “truly historic acts of grift.”  The lead episode, Hard

Triumphs and Challenges of the Electric Vehicle

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It’s hard to get a fix on Tesla.  On the one hand, the January 23rd, 2018 announcement of founder Elon Musk’s new “all or nothing, long-term performance award” confirming he will remain chief executive for the next ten years aiming to make Tesla one of the most valuable companies in the world and Mr.


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