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Whatever the Cause, This Crash was Preventable

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Two 17-year-old high school students, a male and a female, died in a car crash around 3:15 pm on Thanksgiving afternoon, October 13, 2014, when the bright red car in which they were traveling to a Thanksgiving dinner crashed into oncoming traffic on Highway 10 between Highway 91 an

Will the Smartwatch Outsmart Distracted Driving Laws?

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On September 9, 2014, from Cupertino, California, Apple demonstrated its newest product the Apple Watch. It will not be available for sale until 2015. In the meantime online videos at www.apple.com/watch/ detail all the features of the ‘Watch’ except the price tag. Speculation about this abounds, though, and most of the internet chatter is about pricing. Whatever it costs, we can expect that the device will do well in the marketplace.

Statistics to the Rescue

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Vancouver, BC, October 2nd—A single vehicle crash on Main Street near East 49th kills two of the passengers; October 3rd—A cyclist hits and kills a pedestrian crossing Stanley Park Drive near the Totem Poles; October 4th—A fiery collision between a Volkswagen Beetle and a truck on the Lions Gate bridge shuts down the bridge for at least two mid-day hours and snarls traffic throughout the North Shore and into the downtown core with reports of many hospitalized … October is off to a very bad start in terms of road carnage throughout the lower mainland.

The One Potential Hazard of a Run-Flat Tire

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In the very early days of motoring – the first decade of the 20th century - flat tires were generally an unknown problem. Motor vehicle wheels where equipped with wheels based on technology inherited from horse drawn wagons – spoked wheels with a covering of solid rubber as a tread.

Driving Etiquette: Plain Old-Fashioned Good Manners

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Personal integrity, good character and good manners are not subjects that get much attention in today’s world. The pervasive electronic media dwells mainly on group rights and group grievances. Any identifiable social problem is to be answered with a call for legislation. Morality expressed as good manners is, in the main, not regarded as useful.


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