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Is the Car Becoming a Cell Phone on Four Wheels?

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Distracted driving has recently become a popular on soft news days for journaliss who otherwise analyze the contentious social and cultural issues of the moment. Their distracted driving articles, however, have an emotional tone. After citing all the statistics, the sources, and the efforts to curb this dangerous but widespread behaviour, they argue for the tough-on-crime approach.

A Mundane End to a Remarkable Story

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Car crashes are a scourge of modern life. Rich and poor, young and old, famous and anonymous—no one is exempt from the risk. We know this to be true, but are lulled into forgetting…until the risk materializes again.

Direct exposure likely breaks the denial cycle forever. The loss or serious injury of a family member or close friend in a car crash is unforgettable. But even indirect exposure through media coverage of extraordinary people who are injured or killed in crashes may act as a powerful reminder.

Bicycling Becomes a Key Mode of Daily Transportation

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May 25, 2015 was the first day of this year’s ‘Spring Bike to Work Week’. Media coverage of this event, now in its ninth year, was saturating to the point where even those who have not embraced cycling as a viable mode of urban transportation must at least be aware that cycling is more than a passing fad, and that cycling advocates have won the day.

Airbags: Perfecting the Technology

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Takata Corporation, founded in Japan over 70 years ago, is dedicated to being the leading automotive ‘safety supplier’ in the world.  With annual sales in billions of dollars and a customer list including most automakers, few would deny it this accolade.

Driving in Your Four Wheel Entertainment Centre

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In both Canada and the United States, the relatively recent laws controlling the use of electronic communications devices while driving are enacted on a province-by-province, state-by-state basis. All Canadian provinces and territories now have such laws; this past week, Oklahoma was the latest to join 45 other US states and Washington DC in enacting such laws, effective in that state in November 2015.


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