by Cedric Hughes, Barrister & Solicitor with regular weekly contributions from Leslie McGuffin, LL.B.   

The Automobile: From Horseless Carriage to Something Unrecognizable

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One of the best coach museums it the National Coach Museum or Museu Nacional dos Coches

Speed Kills

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It was never meant to be a grocery-getter.

Bicycling: The Risks are Real

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This is not official ‘bike month’ or bike season, but with the ‘cycling revolution’ in full swing, bicycling, even in often wet and sometimes snow-covered Vancouver, has become topical year round.  It seems important to address some of the ‘unorthodox’ and unexpected views and ideas about this worldwide revolution recently advanced by Lawrence Solomon in the National Post newspaper.

Looks Like Fatalities Are On the Rise in the World of Bicycling

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Last week’s Road Rules referenced a recent article in the National Post newspaper by Lawrence Solomon—Ban the bike!

The Emerging Unforeseen Consequences of Bike Lane Infrastructure

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The expansion rate of Canadian cities during the lifetime of Canadian ‘baby-boomers’ has been so rapid that the once ‘brand new’ suburbs of their childhood are already being re-zoned, re-built, and retro-fitted.


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