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Summer: A Time for Serious Money for Vintage Sports Cars

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The long-established pattern in road safety statistics showing summer as the season of the most crashes, fatalities, and injuries is an unpleasant reality. Last week, Road Rules looked at the possible causes—more traffic and less concern about risk, given that it is, after all, the season of ideal road conditions.

Summer: A Time for Vacations, and Road Accidents

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One may find counterintuitive a long-established pattern in traffic safety statistics.

Solar Panel Roads: An Interesting Idea

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About an hour’s drive south of the British Columbia border town of Creston is Sandpoint, Idaho, population 7,365. Recently named the "Most Beautiful Small Town" in the United States, Sandpoint boasts a healthy mix of economic activities: forest products, light manufacturing, tourism, recreation and government services carried on in a pristine setting where the summers are warm and sunny and the winters cold and snowy.

Eradicating the Car Crash Like Smallpox

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Recent high profile municipal road safety plans—Vancouver’s and New York City’s for example—have imported the ‘Vision Zero’ objective, a future in which no drivers or passengers or vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists are injured or killed on the roads. Inevitably, discussion of this objective turned to the aspirational value of a utopian vision, which implied, of course, that it was impossible to achieve and unrealistic and, hence a nice idea, a catchy term, but out of reach.

Priorities: From Cars to Computers?

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Although the modern automobile was essentially invented at the end of the 19th century, fine-tuning of the basic technology along with Henry Ford’s ‘everyman’ pricing in the early 20th century secured ‘the automobile age’ label for most of the rest of the century.


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