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Severe Fines for Street Racing

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According to newspaper reports, in April 2015, Yue Hui Wang, then 18, offered to drive his teenage friend home from Richmond in Mr. Wang’s new high-performance 2015 Mercedes C63 Coupe. Speed apparently being ‘of the essence’, Mr. Wang crossed one of the bridges into Vancouver reportedly at between 160 and 180 kmh.  Then they turned west onto Southwest Marine Drive, which, according to the statement of facts filed in court, is the last thing Mr.

Crazy Speeding

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About 12:40 am on Tuesday July 4th, a West Vancouver police patrol officer heard engine roaring before seeing a white Ferrari cresting the curve of the Lions Gate Bridge at high speed. The officer ‘clocked’ the speed at 210 kmh—the limit is 60 kmh, and then managed to apprehend the driver, a 22-year-old West Vancouver resident, at the north end.

Mobility Pricing – The Cost of the Commute

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‘Mobility pricing’ has been in the local news recently because on June 6th, 2017 TransLink and the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation announced their launch of an Independent Commission on ‘mobility pricing’.

The Environmental Impact of Battery Operated Vehicles

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Unlike vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel-fuelled Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs), when Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVS) are driving they are emissions free, but if the power source for recharging their battery is fossil fuel based—coal-fired power plants are a mainstay of many power grids—this does generate particulates and CO2.

More Power to the Police for Alcohol and Drug Testing?

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Bill C- 46, the current Liberal government’s ‘draft’ set of rules for detecting and punishing drug-impaired driving, and for updating the laws on drunk driving proposes extending authority to the police to obtain roadside breathalyzer samples without any need of ‘reasonable grounds’ for suspecting impairment.


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