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These Days, A Misrepresentation Regarding Engine Emissions is No Small Thing

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One automotive journalist, in recently addressing what he called the latest manifestations of “automotive insanity” wrote, “[But]… no discussion of automotive insanity would be complete without the latest on Volkswagen’s ongoing farce.”  An important story—VW’s alleged intentional falsification of diesel emissions—has faded from the headlines in the last while.

Robot Car Versus Bus

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February 14, 2016 was a first for Google’s self-driving car, but not a complete success.  Rather it involved the right side of a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority bus hit near Google headquarters in Silicon Valley by a self-driving Lexus RX450h attempting to navigate around some sandbags in a wide lane at a speed of 2 mph.

The Persistently Popular Car

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Another week, another data set about millennial car-buying trends, this time refuting the predictions and analysis that have confounded car companies and their marketing gurus these past few years.

Eyes on the Road, Please

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We are bombarded with car advertising and car marketing.

Traffic Deaths of Children are Particularly Saddening

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Any number of possibilities can cause a ‘T-bone’ collision on a clear dry day in the mid-afternoon.  Usually the facts line up with the statistics: in 2015, the most recent US statistics indicate that drunk driving crashes still caused roughly one-third of all driving related fatalities, which also reflect, if not to the low side, the statistics in Canada.


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