by Cedric Hughes, Barrister & Solicitor with regular weekly contributions from Leslie McGuffin, LL.B.   

The Huge Business in Knock-off Car Parts

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It could be the stuff of crime novels or the movies:  forgery hunters ranging globally to track down…the manufacturers of fake car parts - except that the crime itself seems relatively insignificant, the imagined criminals shabby plodders, and the hunt relatively straightforward. The truth, in fact, belies these presumptions.

The Normalization of Marijuana Use is Going to Cause More Motor Vehicle Accidents

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In Canada we are hearing about pending legislation to legalize, for recreational use, the drug marijuana.  In the US, while marijuana remains prohibited under federal law, 23 states have eased access for medical use and four states plus Washington, DC. now allow recreational use.

The Season of Darkness and Ice

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Road safety issues are seasonal.  In mid- to late fall, three topics always invite a re-visit and journalists who focus on driving and safety invariably dig up the latest research on them.

A Call for Caution in the Use of Golf Carts

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No longer are golf carts generic little flat top boxes on four tiny wheels.  They sport luxury marque details including branded hubcaps, more seating, air conditioning, cleverly mounted holders, compartments, pockets and tie-ons.  And it is a universal truth: ‘kids’ of all ages love to drive and ride in golf carts.

Traffic Jams are a Blight on Society

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In early November 2015, Canada’s ‘Ecofiscal Commission’ issued a 59-page report, We Can’t Get There From Here: Why Pricing Traffic Congestion is Critical to Beating It, the full text of which is online on www.ecofiscal.ca


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