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Airbags May Sometimes Become Dangerous

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On the home page of www.safercars.gov, a website produced by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Association [NHTSA], the headline these days is an update on the recall of airbags manufactured by Takata Cor

Walking While Texting

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Eric Pickersgill is a photographer who explores “the psychological and social effects that cameras and their artifacts have on individuals and societies as a whole.” His website www.removed.social.com displays his current show “Removed” at Rick Wester Fine Art in New York City, March 24 – May 21, 2016.

Electrically Powered Vehicles are Fine Until the Power Grid Shuts Down

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These days the electric vehicle (EV) seems a marvel of 21st century technology and an environmental success. In fact, electrically powered vehicles have operated continuously, albeit for niche purposes, since the mid-19th century: for example, milk delivery via ‘milk floats’ especially in the UK, and, since the early 1950s, golfer transport.

Have Stop Signs Become Just a Suggestion?

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In West Vancouver, the south-west corner of the block on which sits a ‘hub’ supermarket in central Ambleside is a T-intersection with pedestrian crossings on all three branches of the ‘T’, each with a stop sign.  The stop sign beside the west crosswalk has been decorated with flowers for almost a year.  When the flowers dry out they are replaced, but this remembrance site is now one big bouquet.

Volkswagen Deals With the Storm

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As ordered, on Thursday April 21st, Volkswagen presented its ‘plan’ to a San Francisco Federal Court Judge for responding to alleged rigging of its diesel vehicles to cheat on emissions testing. Most media reports say more questions than answers still remain. Even the issue of buying back or fixing the ‘rigged’ cars in the US—estimated at roughly 500,000 vehicles— remains unclear.


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