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Self Driving Cars: Fact or Science Fiction?

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The promotion of self-driving vehicles at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the Detroit auto show in early January may have had something to do with US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx’s announcement on January 14th of a proposed 10-year, US$4 billion item in the next U.S.

The Focus on Road Safety Promotes Major Industrial Growth

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The Amazing Rise of Tesla Motors

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The New Year rollover usually sparks reflection involving both hindsight and foresight.  This year—2016, the gaze ahead is perhaps the more riveting, especially in matters technological— as if this hasn’t become ‘the new norm’!

Six Year Prison Term for Drunk Driving Causing Death

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On an evening in June 2011, an 18 year old Quebec resident, having consumed several beers, a vodka-lemonade mix, and a joint proceeded to drive with two back-seat passengers aged 18 and 17.  On a country road in the Beauce region south of Quebec City, while speeding around a curve at 130 km/hr, the car skidded 60 meters into a ditch, and then flipped several times before coming to rest.  Both passengers were killed.

The Hazards of Highway Debris

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This time of year we see a lot of packaging, wrapping paper, ribbons and string, not to mention all manner of things inside the attractive containers.  Without thought or effort, this material easily transforms into litter.  Litter is a Road Rules-worthy topic for two reasons: one theoretical, the other practical and cautionary. 


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