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Consequences of Drinking and Driving

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Under the Criminal Code of Canada, a person who operates a motor vehicle while their ability to do so is impaired by alcohol or a drug commits an offence. For alcohol, the law defines a measure of a driver’s blood alcohol content or BAC—in excess of 80 milligrams in 100 milliliters or .08—as a criminal offence.

Cars and Trucks Sharing the Road

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West Vancouver’s mid-November logging truck tragedy in which a mother and daughter were killed and four others were seriously injured has focused attention, once again, on the risks inherent in light and small—2 and 4-wheel—vehicles sharing the roads and highways with heavy, large vehicles, some with 18 wheels or more and weighing in excess of 4.5 metric tones (10,000 pounds).

Bicycling In Fall and Winter

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Spring and summer have in the past been the seasons for bicyclists. Despite the rains of fall and winter, there are now increasing numbers of all-season cyclists. The provincial government has committed $2 million to expand cycling corridors in the Lower Mainland and cycling paths are now part of many of the upgraded Lower Mainland causeways and streets. It looks like the all-season cycling is a trend that is on the way to becoming a regular feature of city traffic. The

Driving in the Winter Night

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Driving on a dark winter night in the lower mainland is challenging. A driver needs good powers of observation. RoadSense for Drivers, ICBC’s guide to safe driving says that, “Whenever you drive, your eyes should be scanning the area around you to gather information. Good observation involves knowing how to look and where to look.”

Driving In The Rain

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On average, November is the wettest month of the year in the lower mainland and it seems the darkest as we all struggle with adjusting to daylight savings time. Many people these spend much of their working day staring at brightly lit computer screens in well lit offices, and then to return home on a road system that is at once impenetrably dark and glaringly brilliant.


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