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Left turns mid-block over solid double lines.

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Our recent articles on left turns at intersections and the need for more left turn bays have prompted response from our readers. One raises the issue of left turns mid-block, especially where the turn is over a solid double line. 

Change Blindness

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We have been writing about “going with the flow”—the challenges and risks of entering into, changing positions within, and exiting from the flow of traffic. On Sunday, August 8th, 2004 at 1 am on the Lions Gate Bridge, not going with the flow resulted in the death of a man directing traffic around a stalled car. He was struck and killed by a vehicle that was driving the speed limit but could not stop in time when he stepped out in front of it.

Our Readers Respond

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August is one of the most hazardous driving months, a statistic that is really puzzling. Lots of people are on vacation, which means the highways are busier, but city streets less so. The weather is generally sunny, which means visibility and road conditions during the daylight hours are “as good as it gets.” The days are still wonderfully long.

Changing Lanes Safely

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It may be thought that the risks involved in “going with the flow” of traffic, which you are doing when you drive on a laned roadway, are much less than the risks involved in dealing with oncoming traffic, for example, when turning left. Left-turn collisions and other types of head on collisions of course often result in fatalities. But unsafe lane changes also cause a lot of accidents and injuries. For instance, on highways, from time to time unsafe lane changes cause

No Left Turn!

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Whether or not left turners lead or end a traffic light cycle, left turners bog down traffic flow. In Vancouver, one approach to this has been to restrict left turns, especially during rush hours. But is this a solution?


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