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Crossing Bridges

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It has been said that “In modern cities, vehicle traffic governs everything.” We might say that in the BC lower mainland, bridge traffic governs everything.

Car Theft Counter-Trend

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Recently, Road Rules reported that overall car thefts were down as a result of the various, very practical steps that were being taken to combat it. The following commentary on a counter-trend is largely based on recent newspaper articles from North Shore News.

Motorcycle Madness

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In late July, the BC Coroner reported that nearly two times as many fatal accidents involving motorcyclists had occurred this year as in 2003. This report indicated that 21 motorcyclists died between January and June 2003 compared to 11 during the same period in 2003.

Minimizing the Risk of Car Theft

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Knowing and abiding by the rules of the road is the best way we know to minimize the not inconsiderable risks of driving. But there are other risks to being a car driver or owner, including being the potential victim of car thieves and vandals, that are not for the most part, addressed by legislation. Avoiding car theft is largely a matter of common sense, complimented by recent major improvements in anti-theft technology.

Watch out for Pedestrians

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