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Mid-block Left-turns Again

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In this article we will look again at mid-block left-turns. The recent article on this topic has resulted reader response concerning the right of a driver to turn left mid-block, over a solid double line. The response concerns whether it is in fact legal to cross a solid double line mid block, for the purpose of entering or leaving the roadway.

Backing Up

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The daily newspapers almost never lack for tragic stories of fatalities or injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents. What is seldom reported, because they are so common, are the huge numbers of low speed “fender-benders” that occur in the streets, parking lots and parkades as motorists back in and out of parking spaces. These are annoying, costly in terms of car repairs and sometimes cause serious injuries when pedestrians are struck or crushed.

The Right-Of Way At a Two-Way Stop

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At a typical two way stop intersection, the road that is appreciably busier, i.e., the road without the stop signs is the through road with the right-of-way. In the interests of keeping traffic moving steadily, it makes sense that traffic on the smaller, less traveled road should yield to traffic on the more heavily traveled through road.

The Right-Of-Way At a Four-Way Stop

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A lot of suburban intersections have in recent years been re-configured from uncontrolled courtesy intersections to four way stops governed by stop signs. The factors determining this arrangement seem to be frequency of collisions at the intersection, together with a traffic flow that does not require the more expensive option of traffic lights.

Left turns mid-block over solid double lines.

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Our recent articles on left turns at intersections and the need for more left turn bays have prompted response from our readers. One raises the issue of left turns mid-block, especially where the turn is over a solid double line. 


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