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What is a Tort Claim?

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A “tort” claim is what most people will refer to as an “ICBC claim”. It is a claim for compensation for injuries. However, an “ICBC claim” involves two separate but overlapping claims. One is the claim for Part 7 benefits, discussed last week. Those benefits are paid without reference to the issue of “who is to blame”.

Hit and Run Victim?

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By statute, ICBC is responsible for payment of claims caused by the negligent actions of an unidentifiable motorist.

What is LVI?

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In the early 1990’s ICBC introduced a program to deny claims arising from relatively minor accidents. Initially the term “minimal/no damage” was used to designate this approach. Basically, if following a crash the damage to the vehicles was minor, no claims for injuries would be paid.

Preventing Car Theft

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ICBC reports paying out over $1 Billion over the past decade for theft and vandalism claims. These losses almost invariably relate to parked vehicles.

Defensive Driving & Rear End Collisions

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Last week we discussed one of the infrequently considered but key reasons for the frequency of rear-end collisions, - human limitations with respect to depth perception.


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