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Good Manners, and Blowing the Other Guy Off the Road

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Basically, the word “advertising” means “to draw attention to, and describe favourably”.Rules have developed to control advertising so that it is responsible and fair.

Automobile Advertising Sells Speed?

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According to ICBC statistics, “Unsafe speed is a contributing factor in more than 38 per cent of fatal car crashes and accounts for almost a third of injury crashes.” Unsafe speed combined with aggressive driving behaviours increases the risk of involvement in a serious crash, as does the rate of speed: the higher the speed the harder the impact on colliding.

Developing a Culture of Road Safety

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Recently a report was produced by a joint initiative of World Health Organization and the World Bank, entitled “World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention”. The report is an attempt to raise awareness and motivate change in the face of statistics that are appalling. The report presents a problem, the gist of which is that “during the course of any day, the tragic news of a death on the road is delivered around the world about 3000 times to families and friends.

Grad Parties and Teen Driving Don't Mix

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“Proms” or “grad parties” for teens graduating from high school are one of the most common celebrations in June. The pattern seems to be that there are pre-Prom parties at private homes followed by the main event, usually held at a large gathering place like a school gymnasium or hotel ballroom, followed by a series of after-parties, some of which are also held in private homes.

Vehicles and Bicycles Sharing the Road

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A recent letter to the Province newspaper commented, “there is no evidence of cycling being more dangerous that other forms of transportation.” The letter writer compared a cycling statistic—one cyclist dies every year in Vancouver —to a driving statistic—one motorist dies every day in BC.


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