by Cedric Hughes, Barrister & Solicitor with regular weekly contributions from Leslie McGuffin, LL.B.   

Safety issues for Senior Drivers

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Increasing safety for seniors who rely on their car for mobility involves consideration of driving habits, vehicle design, and driving environment design. We will look briefly at each of these.   

Senior Drivers: A Profile

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The General Assembly of the United Nations designated October 1st as International Day of Older Persons. This day was observed for the first time throughout the world on October 1st, 1991. The most recent National Seniors’ Safety Week was November 6 to 12, 2003. In view of these dates, autumn rather than winter would seem to be the more appropriate season for addressing the topic of seniors and driving safety.

Winter Driving: Winterizing Your Driving Skills

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In last week’s article on winter driving, we looked at how to winterize your vehicle. This week we’ll look at winterizing your driving skills.              

Winter Driving: Winterizing Your Vehicle

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Now is the season of winter driving, the season about which British Columbians are more discontented than other Canadians, according to a recent survey by Goodyear Canada. The actual term used was “nervous” to describe how 58% of British Columbians feel while driving on icy roads.

Drinking and Driving: Tempting Fate

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Last week, Road Rules reviewed the legal consequences of being caught for driving under the influence of alcohol. If you drink and drive, however, you are tempting fate to offer up the unthinkable. Consider the following set of possibilities ranging from “no problem!” to increasingly tragic consequences:


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