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Defensive Driving & Rear End Collisions

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Last week we discussed one of the infrequently considered but key reasons for the frequency of rear-end collisions, - human limitations with respect to depth perception.

Your tires and safe driving in the rain

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Henry Ford died in 1947 roughly 40 years after introducing the Model T, the first assembly-line motor vehicle designed for “the average” man. Cars of the late 40’s and early 50’s were already highly evolved machines compared to their progenitors. Fifty years later, the ever-continuing evolution of motor vehicle technology has produced vehicles that are great scientific and industrial achievements.

How long does it take to stop?

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One of the reasons for driving in rain being more hazardous is reduced traction on
wet roads. All driving maneuvers but especially stopping need to be adjusted for the slippery conditions. This invites a review of the laws of “driving” physics.

Tips for safe driving in the rain

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Vancouver, the third largest Canadian city after Toronto and Montreal takes a thumping lead over the other two in average annual rainfall: 1117.2 mm for Vancouver, 723 mm for Montreal and a paltry 698 mm for Toronto. This statistic might fortify the notion that Vancouver drivers are the most skilled in avoiding the perils of driving in rain.

More about driving the Sea-to-Sky Highway

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Last week we wrote about the “dark” side of this most beautiful and most dangerous 100+ km highway linking Vancouver to Whistler: the recent tragic accident that claimed seven lives and the Squamish RCMP’s assessement of the five most dangerous sections. We concluded with the assertion (somewhat bold but we’ll stick by it) that the most common cause of the accidents that have occurred in all these areas is excessive speed.


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