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Stopping Drinking and Driving: Law Enforcement

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The main approach to stopping drinking and driving in British Columbia has been increased law enforcement and stiffer penalties including license suspensions. This deterrence-based approach has resulted in significant declines in the past 25 years in fatalities, injuries and crashes caused by impaired drivers. In the last two years, however these declines have leveled off and the number of fatalities has risen.   

Social Host Liability

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Most of our “Road Rules” articles address readers as users of the road whether as drivers, cyclists or pedestrians. This article is different. It addresses readers as users of their own homes. The topic of “social host liability” is about a potential development in the law that could find house party hosts liable for damages caused by their guests’ impaired driving.

The Nine Road Commandments

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In early May 2003, one of Canada’s national newspapers reported on the initiative being taken by Archbishop Stephen Fumio Hamao, the chief of the Vatican’s Council for Itinerants and Migrants, to make safe driving a “Christian” duty and to promote a “Christian” culture of the road. Whatever your particular religious beliefs may be, the holiday season seems an appropriate time to consider a spiritual imperative for road safety. 

Impaired Driving and Provincial Law Enforcement

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Under the Canadian constitution, the federal government enacts the criminal law in the Criminal Code to apply in all the provinces and territories. Thus the Criminal Code impaired driving and related offences described in our previous article apply across the country.

Impaired Driving and Related Criminal Code Offences

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The holiday season is fast approaching which, for three reasons—eggnog, mulled wine and “a wee drop”—brings to mind the law of impaired driving. In a previous article we discussed why drinking and driving don’t mix. In this article, we will summarize briefly the related criminal offences enacted by Parliament to deter and penalize impaired driving. “Summarize briefly” is an important qualification.


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