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Drinking and driving don’t mix

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A recent Statistics Canada report cited Vancouver as having one of the lowest rates of impaired driving charges—second only to Hamilton, Ontario— among major Canadian Cities. The same report also noted that the rate of alcohol-related accidents causing fatalities has decreased by half since 1986. This is good news but, sadly, not good enough. Impaired driving is still one of the major causes of crashes in BC killing over 100 people annually and injuring thousands more.

Parking Lot Parking

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Honking horns more so than silver bells, alas, herald “Christmas time in the city.” An estimated 20% of car crash claims are based on accidents in shopping mall parking lots. The holiday season is an important contributor to this statistic. The causes are obvious: too many cars, too many preoccupied drivers, too few parking spaces, and unpredictable vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns.

Curbside Parking

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Parking can be nightmarish in the “most wonderful” shopping season of the year: finding a spot, shoehorning into it, paying a king’s ransom for it, getting back on time and then getting out of it. Navigation, detection, diplomacy, time and money management, wheel-handling—parking takes skill. Curbside parking is particularly challenging. 

Drivers and Pedestrians: Just Walking Along

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In previous articles about drivers and pedestrians sharing the roads, we wrote about what would seem to be the riskiest activity, pedestrians crossing at intersections, in designated pedestrian crosswalks and jaywalking. If this year is any indicator, however, pedestrians just walking along the road or the sidewalk may be at greatest risk.

Drivers and Pedestrians: Watching out for each other at Crosswalks

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Drivers and pedestrians still share byways in accordance with the age-old rule: drivers must yield to pedestrians, but pedestrians must also watch out for themselves.


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