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Blind Spots

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Picture a many-eyed creature with lots of antennae sticking out of a rotating head-like sphere. When you drive, this creature is your role model because to drive safely, you need to know what is going on around you at all times. To help compensate for our limited number of eyes, no antennae and fixed necks, car designers have given us rear and side mirrors and horns. In turn, driving experts have given us strategies for using these devices to maximum effect.

Watch Out for Summer Road Construction

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Does summertime music from your car radio mesh well with a jackhammer beat? Could this be because jack hammering is such a common auditory background for summer driving? Summer is road construction season and summer 2003 is no exception. Check out www.city.vancouver.bc.ca and select the menu item “road construction" for an impressive list of all such current activities in the City of Vancouver.

Make Good Driving Decisions

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Summer is the season for road trips. In planning their trip, travelers ponder when and where they will travel, where they will stay, what vehicle maintenance is required, how many hours of driving will be required each day, whether or not the driving can be shared, how much luggage each traveler can bring, and so on. Of summer road trips, some might say, borrowing from Yogi Berra—ninety percent of the trip is half planning.  

Look before Opening Your Car Door

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Summer is finally here which means more cyclists on Vancouver streets—fair-weather cyclists often less experienced than the stalwarts who ride year-round. More carefree cyclists pedaling past more rows of parked cars: is this image idyllic or ominous for you? Whether you identify with the cyclist or with the driver about to exit one of the cars, you would be wise to have a twinge of foreboding.

Running Red Lights

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“Running Red Lights" is a great name for a rock band. It signifies youthful rebelliousness, wildness, freedom and unwillingness to play by the rules—life in the “fast lane." It’s all so a great name for a racehorse. Its significance on a police motor vehicle accident report, however, is very different, often linked as an “Apparent Contributing Factor" to a notation of severe injury or death. 


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