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Drivers and Pedestrians: Watching out for each other at Main Intersections

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In the old days, before bronco riding and the wheel were invented, pedestrians ruled the roads. Modern-day drivers do well to abide by this tradition. Pedestrians who cling to it, however, do so at their peril. Motor vehicles are bigger than pedestrians, faster and often more numerous. Yes—drivers must yield to pedestrians, but pedestrians must also watch out for themselves.   

High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes

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The British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) defines a “laned roadway” in section 119 as “a roadway or the part of a roadway that is divided into 2 or more marked lanes for the movement of vehicular traffic in the same direction.” It then defines a “high occupancy vehicle lane” as “a lane of a laned roadway in respect of which prescribed signs or markings indicate that the lane is reserved for the exclusive use of buses, motor vehicles that meet prescribed occupancy req

Road Rage

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Some people are firecrackers—short-fused firecrackers with drivers’ licenses. The smallest spark ignites fits of horn honking, verbal abuse and worse. The sparks are usually small discourtesies: another driver honks at them; the driver ahead misses a left-turn opening; they are tailgated or behind a driver who changes lanes without signaling.

Rush Hour Driving: All About Merging

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Rush hour driving is all about merging: getting yourself into and out of the traffic flow and letting others do likewise. This means that it is all about the basic driving skills: speed and space control, and lane changing, and about the common courtesies: anticipating and responding to the needs of others. Rush hour driving tests our patience and basic civility like no other urban activity in which we involve ourselves.

Rush Hour Traffic: Issues and Skills

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September “rush hours” in Vancouver seem to be the busiest of the whole year.


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