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The Dangers of Driving When Visiting Other Countries

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Since 1979, September 27th has been deemed World Tourism Day by the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of tourism—the UN World Tourism Organization [UNWTO].

While engaged in promoting competitive and sustainable tourism policies, fostering tourism education and training, and helping tourism be an effective tool for development in over 100 countries around the world, generating market knowledge is a foundational activity indicating that tourism:

• represents almost 10% of global GDP

• is responsible for one in every eleven jobs worldwide

Motor Vehicle Breakdowns on the Roadway

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Before cars became computers on four wheels, there were cars that were ‘lemons’. So many in fact that ‘lemon’ became a defined term in law and many jurisdictions enacted ‘lemon laws’ to enable a lemon-owner to recover damages and, in some cases, a replacement vehicle.

Variable Speed Limits: The New Normal

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In early June 2016, BC Transportation Minister Todd Stone announced the installation of variable speed limit signage systems [VSLs] on three BC highways as part of a pilot project to determine their effectiveness in reducing crashes in which inappropriate speed for weather conditions is a significant factor.

Drunk Driving Continues to be a Major Concern

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This being August—the season of summer festivals, barbeques, and road trips—it is time to focus on the latest statistics underlying recent indications that Canadians and Americans are not getting the message about impaired driving.

VW Faces Ongoing. Pollution Issues

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Last week brought new developments in the Volkswagen defeat device uproar


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