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If you are in an insured accident Canadian Magnetic Imaging will scan you for free and if your insurer does not pay, there is no risk to the accident victim.

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Closing Velocity Detectors to Stop Rear End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are probably the most common type of collision. Even the most rigorous “statistics-gathering

More Roads Mean More Congestion: Fact or Myth?

One of the suggested fixes for the predicted upcoming economic troubles is infrastructure updating. Advocates say it is not the time for government to be concerned about deficits. Rather it is time to create employment by repairing, upgrading, and building new roads and bridges.

Trying To Make Us More Like Ants

Next time you’re sitting in traffic inching along, think of the Mormon cricket, the desert locust, the New World army ant, rice, and sugar and try to figure out which one you are temporarily behaving like. All of these are granular media that, in abundance, ‘flow’ with traffic-like properties.

Impaired Driving by Police and the Rule of Law

We live in a country that is based on “the Rule of Law

Attacked by Aircraft on the Way to Work

Early afternoon on October 18th, 2008, an 88-year-old male driver died when his car was “T-boned

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