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Dangerous Parking Lots

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A 79-year-old passenger in a car equipped with secondary controls for steering, brakes and acceleration (like those found in a driving school car) was killed on November 20th when the car, driven by his wife struck a cement pillar in their condo complex’s parking garage. Newspaper reports quote the driver as saying that she was unable to stop the car because of the secondary controls. The exact details were unknown and investigations were still underway when

Parallel Parking, Then and Now

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Parallel parking, a required maneuver for obtaining a driver’s license is not one of those problems you master for a test and then never have to use again.

Parking Lot Parking

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Honking horns more so than silver bells, alas, herald “Christmas time in the city.” An estimated 20% of car crash claims are based on accidents in shopping mall parking lots. The holiday season is an important contributor to this statistic. The causes are obvious: too many cars, too many preoccupied drivers, too few parking spaces, and unpredictable vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns.

Curbside Parking

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Parking can be nightmarish in the “most wonderful” shopping season of the year: finding a spot, shoehorning into it, paying a king’s ransom for it, getting back on time and then getting out of it. Navigation, detection, diplomacy, time and money management, wheel-handling—parking takes skill. Curbside parking is particularly challenging. 

Parked Cars, Summer Temperatures and Tragedy

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Florida, 1998. On a hot June day, a mother and her children were at their backyard pool. The 2-year-old daughter wandered off and climbed in the open door of their minivan parked in the driveway. The door slid shut behind her. She was found within 15 minutes.

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