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Changes in Police Pursuits

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Recent car chases in both Ontario and British Columbia have renewed national attention on police pursuit policies. In the Ontario case, two teenage girls were killed when a 15-year-old called, Chevon Josephs, fleeing police in a stolen vehicle at high speed, struck the taxi in which they were riding. The thief died too.

Uncle Bob’s Top Five Safety Rules

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We recommend www.roadtripamerica.com especially for the article on its “Tips for Road trippers” page entitled, Drive Safe with Uncle Bob.

Non-Compliance with the N Stage

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In mid-January of this year three teens in a car driven by an “N” designated (Novice) driver went through the stop sign at the intersection of Cambie and No.

Obey the Rules?

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The high-quality road system we enjoy functions as well as it does because the majority of road-users are law-abiding. Last New Year’s day, however, reports of regularly observed driver behaviour have raised some doubts. Stop signs, yellow and red lights, no left turn before 6:00 P.M. signs, no right turn before 9:00 A.M. signs, school zone slow down signs were reportedly disobeyed with abandon. What was going on?

Safe Driving in Mexico

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Reportedly, over one million Canadians a year vacation in Mexico. This is an attractive and, relatively speaking, affordable, travel destination in the winter months. Some Canadians actually drive to Mexico. Many tourists rent vehicles while they are there. When heading to Mexico, it has to be kept in mind that the road system design and upkeep, and the rules of road safety (that is, the rules that are actually enforced) are by all accounts quite different to what we kn


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