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The Social Cost of Traffic

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Miracle survivors, the seeming indifference and bravery of the war-weary, the positive effect of optimism on long-term health—all are subjects of ongoing study.  We are fascinated by examples of human resilience—both by individuals and groups—to destructive force from whatever cause. We measure what is measurable, and poeticize about what is not.

Five Thousand Teenagers Die Annually in Crashes

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It’s summer and, if you have teenage children you are more than likely going to at least hear stories about injury and fatality on the roads involving their friends and acquaintances.  And these stories may involve the most unlikely kids: one day it’s diplomas, accolades and a bright post-secondary future; then it’s the ICU, comas, and rehab programs… or funerals.

Fatal Crashes and the Search For A Black Swan

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Our Whole School Is Crying

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What More Can We Do?

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