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Do Cyclists Have To Follow the Rules?

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At the end of May, the Vancouver Sun wrote about the intention of the Vancouver Police during June (bike month) to hand out ‘information tickets’ to cyclists who, by their actions, appear unaware of cycling laws.

Burning Calories Instead of Gasoline

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The third annual Bike to Work Week—also Bike to School and, this year, Bike to Vote Week: May 11–17, 2009—sponsored by the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC) is a kick-start for seasonal cycling commuters. The VACC website www.vacc.bc.ca lists the myriad benefits of increased cycling but “burn calories instead of gas,” from their summer 2009 newsletter is a good succinct summary.

The Most Important Rule For Cyclists?

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The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC) is a non-profit society dedicated to integrating cycling into the Lower Mainland’s transportation culture. VACC believes that increased bicycle use will “reduce traffic congestion, improve our health, and enhance our urban environment.”

Cyclists and Pedestrians on the Sidewalk

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A senior in her eighties, sent us the following: 

Bike Lanes Everywhere?

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Step by step, the Greater Vancouver Regional District is creating a pedestrian/cycling pathway system with the potential to become the envy of other North American Cities.


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