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Traffic Control Devices

The “Slower Traffic Keep Right

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September is reported to be “National Manners Month”—a good time to look at one of the most important ‘courtesy’ road rules. People driving more slowly in the passing lanes than the cars coming up behind them cause a hazard by impeding the free flow of traffic even if they are driving close to the posted speed limit. 

More Roads, More Traffic?

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Stuck in Traffic, Coping with Peak-Hour Traffic Congestion by traffic expert Anthony Downs, published in 1992, contains ideas that underlie current criticisms of road-building projects - that they will only create more of what they are trying to reduce or eliminate. Mr. Downs spoke at Simon Fraser University in early March. Media reports of his talk indicate that his current thinking remains consistent with his original analysis:

Standardizing Traffic Control Devices

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One hundred years ago, many rural highways were established and maintained in the United States and Canada by automobile clubs. Each such roadway had its own signage, the chief purpose of which was to promote the roadway. Assisting with way finding and safety were the main objectives. Disputes between clubs sometimes meant that some roadways had multiple sets of signs. 

Running Red Lights

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“Running Red Lights" is a great name for a rock band. It signifies youthful rebelliousness, wildness, freedom and unwillingness to play by the rules—life in the “fast lane." It’s all so a great name for a racehorse. Its significance on a police motor vehicle accident report, however, is very different, often linked as an “Apparent Contributing Factor" to a notation of severe injury or death. 

Yellow Light: Think—Stop! unless…

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You have just reached an intersection and the traffic light is a steady yellow. Steady means that it is not flashing. There are no cars behind you and the road is dry. What should you do? Would your answer differ if you were still traveling at full speed when the light changed from green to yellow? Would your answer differ if there were cars close behind you and the road was wet or icy?

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