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Dangerous Driving

The Tension Between Knowing and Doing

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It is safe to say that every driver knows about the risks of speeding and the risks of driving while impaired. It is also generally accepted that the two problems are linked, in that one of the effects of alcohol on driver behaviour is acceptance of higher risks and tolerance for higher speeds.

Three Killed, Driver Not Criminally Negligent

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About 14 km west of Chase, BC Highway 1 curves. A double solid centre line marks the lanes. There, on July 23, 2003, on a sunny hot afternoon at about 2pm, a driver (we’ll refer to as Mr. Beatty), while driving the speed limit, failed to take the curve, crossed the line and crashed into an oncoming car killing its three occupants.

Medically Impaired Driving

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To recognize the contributions of seniors to development and to draw attention to the worldwide demographic phenomenon — the graying of the population, our “age of aging" — many countries have recognized October 1st as the “International Day of Older Persons”. 

Drinking and Driving, Getting Worse?

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Drinking and driving and the closely related topic of youth drinking are news again. On September 1st, under the headline, “Alcohol-related deaths are on the rise this year…” one national newspaper reported on a statement issued the previous day by the Ontario Provincial Police noting increases in fatalities from road collisions—up 5.4%, fatalities in which alcohol was a factor— up 38.5%, and fatalities in which not wearing seat belts was a factor —up 32.7%. 

Changes in Police Pursuits

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Recent car chases in both Ontario and British Columbia have renewed national attention on police pursuit policies. In the Ontario case, two teenage girls were killed when a 15-year-old called, Chevon Josephs, fleeing police in a stolen vehicle at high speed, struck the taxi in which they were riding. The thief died too.


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