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Seasonal Driving

Seasonal Safe Driving Message

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One of the most important safe driving messages of the holiday season is now being advertised by a brewer, Molson’s, which has put out a beautifully designed full-page ad encouraging readers to “Make this holiday memorable for all the right reasons…Don’t drink and drive.”

Winter Driving Challenge

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This past November brought a lot of difficult weather and road conditions — torrential rains, followed by snow and ice, followed by a road surface mixture of slush, salt, sand, and dirt. Many drivers suddenly found themselves performing unusual maneuvers and applying rarely-practiced skills like recovering from hydroplaning, steering out of skids, braking to stop a downhill slide, and getting unstuck from an ice-packed road surface. 

Is October the Worst Crash Month?

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October is traditionally the most crash-prone month. There may be many reasons why it has earned this distinction in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. 

October is Zero Crash Month

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Drop a Chevrolet Cavalier containing a non-seat belted crash test dummy from a height of 17 metres and what happens? The ground shakes. At impact the car is traveling about 60/km per hour, which crumples the engine compartment back to the front wheels, hurls the dummy’s head into the smashed windshield and hooks its arm behind the steering wheel. On Tuesday September 26th, this simulation of a head-on crash launched the third annual Zero Crash Month, a

Holidays and Vehicle Breakdown

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For many people, summer holidays include a road trip. At this time of year, preparing and equipping a vehicle for longer road trips is the subject of many newspaper articles, websites, and advertisements. While the latest vehicles are equipped with a lot of warning systems, it still makes sense to go through the basics to see that the vehicle is roadworthy. 


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