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Summer Driving

Most Crashes Occur in Good Weather

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Road Rules has a summer driving theme for all drivers, something to keep in mind from the moment you set out to the moment you reach your final destination.  The source is Dr. Leonard Evans’ book, Traffic Safety, a 2004 analysis of North American traffic safety statistics. Dr. Evans writes:

Our Readers Respond

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August is one of the most hazardous driving months, a statistic that is really puzzling. Lots of people are on vacation, which means the highways are busier, but city streets less so. The weather is generally sunny, which means visibility and road conditions during the daylight hours are “as good as it gets.” The days are still wonderfully long.

Watch Out for Summer Road Construction

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Does summertime music from your car radio mesh well with a jackhammer beat? Could this be because jack hammering is such a common auditory background for summer driving? Summer is road construction season and summer 2003 is no exception. Check out www.city.vancouver.bc.ca and select the menu item “road construction" for an impressive list of all such current activities in the City of Vancouver.

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